In response to the needs of the local healthcare and public order communities’ needs during the Covid19 pandemic, the LFT organised for a sterilisation of a 100 workstations at the Mothernomics workshop incorporating the local training centre and under supervision of the Ministry of Health trainer mothers as well as experienced tailors who have lost their jobs due to the lockdown work in social separation with daily sterilisation of the workstations to produce first facemasks and now full PPE body protection to support frontline workers in local hospitals, ministry officials,  charities and local pharmacies and smaller businesses. 

Over the course of the first month 


- 20,000 masks 

- 500 PPE suits 

and training material to help replicate them work worldwide were produced. 


Total orders for the mothers and tailors currently exceed $80,000 with 300,000 masks and 12,000 PPE suits. 


The products are packaged in the mothernomics branding of MOM with sterilised packing.

Production is geared to lead to replicate all items required in a hospital setting and will be geared to supply MOM healthcare products to the local market and export even after the end of the pandemic.

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